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Back to School Time – Morning Jobs free printable


Well, we have been trying our very best to enjoy every minute of summer. I have been taking a loooong break from the blog, from the business when possible, and for the most part have been loving it. Though, the kids are getting restless (more and more fighting), and I think everyone around here is ready for school to begin. This year, we have one full-time Kindergartner (I’m going back and forth from glee to tears), and a part-time preschooler. I’ve learned from a little bit of experience that mornings before school time can be quite hectic. I have been spending the last couple of weeks planning for ways to make this school year, including and especially before school, as smooth as possible.

I spent some time scouring pinterest and googling for some morning routine printables. There are adorable ones out there, but I ultimately decided to do up my own on my beloved picmonkey, mostly because I had some very specific things I wanted my kindergartner to remember to do in the morning. He gets up before anyone, and I know that giving him a list to get a jump start before I have to remind (nag) will make things easier for everyone in earshot. And I have also learned that checking things off of a list is much more motivating for him than simply being told.
I also made one for my preschooler (who insisted on pink while she watched me making it), though I don’t expect it to work as well. I would have included more picture reminders on a younger child like her, but since she’s only doing 2 days a week, and usually wakes up well after me, I wasn’t quite as motivated with hers. But, it did leave me with two print outs – a red and a pink. I had my children’s names on ours, but removed them for these printables for you. Just click on the image that you want to print.

So, yeah, I decided to put up my own list to add to the treasure trove of morning routine printables out there, and if anyone can get some use out of it, or give them ideas, I hope it helps! I put the lists into a clear plastic sleeves and clipped it to a clip board, then hung it in┬átheir room with an attached washable dry erase marker. They are so excited about checking things off right now, I’m hoping that keeps up steam when we really need it! Now we are testing it out, and getting ready as if school is starting, so it doesn’t hit as such a shock next week. One week left! Oh boy! Good luck to all those starting up school. Hope your mornings are smooth!



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