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We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, with much, much, much to be grateful for!  Truthfully though, after hosting a large dinner, we are also very excited to lay around in our jammies, eat leftovers, and most likely, check out the sales, online.  No, we aren’t leaving the house!  Here’s our SALE for you! Check us out while you rest your feet up and enjoy that pumpkin pie!



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Mother’s Day Worthy Belgian Waffle Recipe


Last Mother’s Day, my life was changed forever. My amazing husband (who was probably tired of hearing me pining for a certain breakfast food) bought me a fantabulous Double Belgian Waffle Maker. Our breakfasts have gone from eh to ahhhh! I am a huge waffle fan, the fatter the better.  So, I have an incredible Belgian Waffle recipe that we make when taking the extra time to make extra delicious waffles (normally I use Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain Pancake and Waffle Mix for quick mornings – also pretty great!).  You can be sure we will be basking in these waffles on Mother’s Day, to celebrate the one year with our beloved Waffle Maker! These can be made with any waffle maker, by the way. Oh, and quick confession- as much as I love Belgian waffles, I had to go back and correct every single reference from my original “Belgium” waffles.  I have learned a lot here! Hope you do, too!

Mother’s Day Worthy Belgian Waffles:

(slightly adapted from the Washington State Bed & Breakfast Cookbook’s Angelica’s recipe)

Makes 12 (4 inch) waffles:

  • 4 eggs, separated
  • 3/4 cup half & half (or whole milk works fine, too)
  • 3/4 cup light sour cream (plain greek yogurt works, also)
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp. salt

In a large bowl, beat the egg yolks till smooth. Mix in half & half, sour cream, butter, and vanilla.  In another bowl,  add flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.  Mix well.  Gradually add flour mixture to half & half mixture. Combine gently.

In a third bowl (or mixer), beat egg whites until stiff, then gently fold egg whites into the rest of the batter.  Cook waffles in a prepared waffle iron until golden brown. Serve immediately with strawberries, blueberries, fresh whipped cream, or whatever toppings you love, and of course, warm, real maple syrup (mom deserves it!). Happy Mother’s Day!


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Giveaway Time! Arizona Doors Set- Three 8 x 10 prints

Our Anniversary is coming up! Peachtree Park will be One Year Old on April 4th and to celebrate, we are doing a Giveaway of one of our most popular prints, taken by Bradley, here at Peachtree. PicMonkey Collage

All you have to do is visit our Facebook page here, like and comment on the Giveaway status, and you will be entered into the drawing for this photography set.  There are two sets being given away! This is the link to this listing in our shop if you want more details on the photographs. Thanks for checking us out!

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Card – FREE PRINTABLE

Since I just posted on here, I was planning on holding off a day to post this, but I love the quote so much, I thought I’d put it out there right now, in case anyone finds it to be just the right thing for their Valentine’s Day (and maybe it can go with your own handmade gift – see our previous post).


We have been reading Winnie-the-Pooh to our kids lately. I grew up on the Disney Winnie, and never knew the absolute charm in the original book itself until my dad gave my daughter The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh for Christmas. It is enchanting, entertaining even for adults (yeah, I really like that in a kid’s book), and offers awesome little gems from time to time. I came across this one, and decided it is my new favorite Valentine’s Day quote. I had to make it into a little card. So, our first Free Printable is up. Just right click on the image and save or click the Print & PDF button below, grab some card stock, and give this to someone you don’t want to live without!

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Valentine’s Day: Show Your Love with Handmade Gifts

I adore Valentine’s Day.  Not so much in the past. Maybe lots of people feel this way, but I’m pretty sure I was Valentine’s Day cursed up till several years ago (and even after being happily married, I still ended up in the ER in the middle of Valentine’s Night after a botched root canal.  Ug- cursed!).  But once I had kids (who could eat cookies and cupcakes!), I realized Valentine’s Day was a perfect excuse to have fun and celebrate as a laugh in the face of the Great gray beast February (in the words of Clive Barker). I have been making Valentine’s Day a really big deal in our house for about 3 years now.  It’s not only near the end of the long stretch of cold, stuck-in-doors January and February, but it’s also quite the holiday dry spell after New Year’s without Valentine’s Day (unless you go all out for Groundhogs Day, I guess). So we do a party, and decorate, do crafts, fun breakfast, lunch and dinner – kind of make a couple days of it (and if I’m lucky, the romance part gets stuck in there, too!).
So this year I decided that along with our celebrating, I would start a new tradition of giving each of my children a gift I made for them.  I felt like it was:

a) a perfect excuse to make them a thing I was already hoping/planning to make (deadlines always help me get motivated!) and

b) a great way to show my love, by putting some time and attention into making them something I knew they would love that came from my hands. Every time I work on a project for one of my children, I feel like I am imbuing that thing for them with my love, and there is something extremely satisfying about that. Yet with all the busyness that fills every single day, it is often so much easier to plunk down some money for something and save myself hours when gift time creeps up quickly. Handmade just feels a bit more connecting to me (and hopefully the kids).


Well, one of the gifts was a no-brainer for me.  I absolutely fell in love with this Wee Wanderer Michael Miller fabric designed by Sarah Jane. I get mine at my favorite online fabric shop, Hawthorne Threads.  I had a large pillow form waiting around from some bedroom redecorating I’ve been up to.  When I saw the fabric, I knew I’d found a perfect match!  I cheated and gave it to my daughter a bit early to get some pictures.  She loved it almost as much as I did.  I think I love this fabric so much because of the innocent whimsy that brings me back to childhood, but I also feel pretty partial to the two girls and one boy (just like mine) in the panel print.  This was a favorite for my little girl, too.


I used another firefly fabric in the Wee Wanderer collection to border the pillow, since the panel in half was a bit small for the 24 inch floor pillow.  I’m glad for that though, I think it is even more fun with the border. I finished it off with an invisible zipper closure, since I figure it will definitely need some washing at some point!

So, my new Valentine’s tradition – make their gifts! There is just something about giving a gift you made yourself that makes you feel even closer to that person you made if for, and I believe that it is the same for receiving one.  Those gifts that someone has taken the time to make for me or one of my children has had something especially magical about it.  One extremely thoughtful and talented lady I know knitted a beautiful blanket for each of my three children before they were born.  All of my children (who can talk) still know her name and who made their blanket even though they very rarely see her.

There are tons of ideas out there on the web.  This link is to one of my plans for next Valentine’s (if I hold out ’till then. These are so cute!):


This clothespin wrap doll tutorial from the  This Heart of Mine blog is awesome (and p.s. her latest post is about a Valentine’s Day party- check it out).

So, a little challenge to myself and maybe others – to think about maybe putting a little extra love into your Valentine’s Day this year by thinking about making something with your own hands.  I realize not everyone is so inclined, but I have noticed that almost everyone has some kind of talent that would make for a great Valentine’s gift. You could write a song or a poem, paint a picture or take a photograph to frame, you could make a great dinner (trust me, being married to a gourmet, I can tell you, this is ALWAYS appreciated!), make something out of wood, or fabric, or clay, or metal, make a sugar scrub in a great package, or jewelry – there are endless ideas of things that can be made and talents that can be shared.  Show your love by sharing yourself!!

We would love to hear Valentine’s ideas you have, or inspiration you’ve found! There are many more to come!

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Adventure Advent Calendar: December Starts Tomorrow – Part One

We love adventures in our household. They have moved to the tamer side as we’ve welcomed yet another little one in, but we keep doing our best to drink in what we can of the adventures each season has to offer. Time can speed by with 3 little ones, and last year the Holidays skated past us so fast, we felt like we didn’t do at least half of our favorite December traditions.
To remedy this, I decided to create an Adventure Advent Calendar leading up to Christmas. Some of our adventures are pretty low-key (drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, watch a Christmas movie), some will truly be adventurous for us with the baby, etc. in tow (visit Leavenworth – a Bavarian tourist town in mid-Washington that becomes a snowy white Christmas wonderland this time of year). With a little calendar of fun things to do, we hope to create an annual tradition to keep up with our traditions!


Been a bit obsessed about PicMonkey lately- which is where I created these Adventure cards.  As a very busy mom, I never have as much time as I would like to edit pictures and design, but with this site, I can get a lot more done! I know I sound like an ad – but I’m  just a girl with a new toy.

This post is part one because I am very close to finishing the calendar part (I’m on an obvious deadline!), and will post that tomorrow.

Update: Ok, I will never promise a blog post the next day again! I never even got around to taking pictures, much less posting any of the calander- between having fun with our advent calendar, sickness, regular holiday fun craziness, family in town, etc. etc. etc, blogging was the last thing on my mind. Now I know exactly what to post at the end of NEXT November!


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