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Large Canvas Wall Art Now Available in Our Shop!


I was thinking all about how I need to get back into the blog this week- and this is not quite what I intended. But here’s a glimpse at some new listings in our shop we are really excited about! We will be adding more large canvas options over the next few months here:

And, I will be back to post a real blog post this next week- Promise! Life is one big curve ball after another with three kids (example- one throwing up all over the sidewalk in the middle of our “family date” last night- Sigh.). It has put this blog at the bottom of a LONG list of priorities, but we have had so many projects going on, I’m excited to get a couple posts going soon. Until then, we will be hoping for a bit less stomach content rejection and a bit more productivity. Hope your weekend goes well, too!


wooden Brown Table with a Lamp in bedroom

Interior of nursery.


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It’s THAT Weekend! Check out our SALE: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday- We’ve got you covered!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, with much, much, much to be grateful for!  Truthfully though, after hosting a large dinner, we are also very excited to lay around in our jammies, eat leftovers, and most likely, check out the sales, online.  No, we aren’t leaving the house!  Here’s our SALE for you! Check us out while you rest your feet up and enjoy that pumpkin pie!


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When April comes around, we are prone to see our home anew.  Cleaning, rejuvenating, and rethinking our spaces.  In celebration of Spring time and the changes we are making in our home and in our shop, we are having a 25% off SALE on all of our Photography and Wall Art!  Check it out if your rethinking your space!Image


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Paris Envy

On this cozy, rainy, cool Autumn day:

I finished Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co., a memoir by Jeremy Mercer.
I sewed up a Chocolat pillow.
PicMonkey Collage

While listening to my Carla Bruni station on Pandora.

With my two little girls (who have quite obviously French names) playing/sleeping in the office with me. IMG_2778_Edit

I did not do this on purpose, but I think I might have a problem. I think I will call it Paris Envy. Maybe there’s something about the changing seasons, the feeling that anything is possible that seem to permeate the air along with the crispness that sets in, but my mind always starts to wander the globe this time of year. Feeling pretty anchored at the moment, I will just have to dream for awhile.

If you are experiencing Paris Envy as well, I am finding that it is slightly appeased with some of the aforementioned things.

The book, Time Was Soft There, was a gift from my fellow English majory brother, who knows what a bibliophile I am.  Not only is it a book, but it’s all about an iconic bookstore, run by a serious book lover, in Paris.  I don’t want to launch into a review.  I will just say that I really enjoyed it, and I’m a book snob.  It is light enough to enjoy for a cozy, rainy brain candy type read, but also rich/deep enough to make you think, reflect, muse and feel like you’re doing something that might be good for your brain.  Having kids, I really like to find this middle ground in a book.  It’s a lot harder now that I have kids to carve out the time to read (at all!) some of the thicker (page numbers and subjects) books I once enjoyed.  A Moveable Feast will have to wait. But if we’re going to go full on brain candy, I’d rather just veg in front of a Grey’s Anatomy marathon.  So this kept me from full on lobotomy in front of the t.v.  And transported me a little.

The pillow can be found in our Etsy shop, Peachtree Park.  I have always been a sucker for French script.  And who isn’t a sucker for chocolate.  And cozy pillows.  When I saw this fabric, I just had to create the combination.  Or again, maybe it’s just my Paris Envy.  And I will tell you a secret (I am feeling generous today!), in case you are so inclined to sew one of your own- this fabric is from the gorgeous Eclectic Elements collection by Tim Holtz.  You can find it at Hawthorne Threads, my favorite place to find fabulous fabric (I realize after re-reading this it sounds a lot like an ad, but the only affiliation that I have with them is I love their taste in fabric and buy it!).

The Carla Bruni Pandora station is a perfect taste of French songs and mood, perfect background music for a project, reading a book, hanging with friends or family, eating chocolate (hmm, that must be on my brain), or whatever you’re doing while indulging in your Paris Envy.

Sorry, you can’t have the girls though!

I think Paris Envy for me is also a great lesson in pleasuring the senses.  And I will just bask in that for now.  Maybe a little Paris Envy is good for my bien-etre (well-being)!

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Babies Galore! – 5 Fantastic Finds on Etsy

I don’t know if it’s something about spring, but it seems like I know quite a few people expecting (including me 🙂 ). Friends and even some family are expecting and with all the babies joining the world, I find myself even more appreciative of all the gorgeous handmade items out there to welcome these new bundles. There’s nothing like a new baby to motivate one to make or find the perfect treasure that will be not only precious in the moment, but a perfect keepsake for down the road.

There is nothing like Etsy for finding fabulous and darling handmade treasures and here are a five I’m loving (and coveting) right now:


Blue White Pink Striped Baby Leg Warmers
from PoshPipsqueak… $7.95 USD


Boutique Diaper Wipe Clutch

from ALittleBlush…$20.00 USD


Ivory petti lace romper and headband SET
from ThinkPinkBows… $24.90 USD


Hand Embroidery Hoop Art.

from mirrymirry…  $28.00 USD


white butterfly paper garland

from dragonflies… $10.00 USD


Baby Boots, Gray Pinstripe – The Taylor

from BootsbyBecca… $29.00 USD


Ok, I just couldn’t stop at 5!!! There are so many adorable baby finds on Etsy, and this is only a tiny tip of the iceberg, so if you find yourself or a loved one with a little one on the way (or already here, for that matter!), check out these or other awesome finds on Etsy.  And of course I have to give my own shop a plug, where we have quite a few items for new little ones I tend to think are pretty cute!  Check us out at PeachtreePark on Etsy!

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