Peachtree Park at Home

Peachtree Park is a collaborative effort between two creative types who needed some outlet. We decided to start up an Etsy shop (I’ve had more than one professor pound into me how an audience helps you perfect your craft). It is our way of putting ourselves out to the world and share what we love to do (and no ones going to balk at extra income!). This blog is an extension of this insight into our processes. Sharing what and who inspires us, motivates us, and teaches us.


We love travel, family, art, literature, working on our home, creating, learning, farmers markets, being outdoors, cooking, meeting interesting people and about a million other things that collectively influence what we make. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with us. We would love to get to know you, as well!

If you feel so inclined to visit our shop, Peachtree Park can be found on Etsy at:

Mom Made That!


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