Cooking With Kids Series: Fruity Breakfast Shakes


Around our home, food is a big deal. It has always been a major priority to introduce our children (and ourselves) to the delicious, healthy, fantastic foods that the earth has to offer. We’ve also tried to involve them in the preparation, as age permits, and they are SO excited when we do – in fact, as a side note, I have noticed this is a fantastic way to get them more interested in trying new foods.  However, with so many things on our plate, and now our little baby starting to eat her own new foods, I find I have been less and less motivated to involve the kids.  And, even worse, I am falling into the rut of the same food repertoire week in and week out.  With the shelves and shelves of cookbooks in our home, I decided I needed to shake it up.

So, I pulled out a few of our kid friendly cookbooks and let the kids thumb through them.  We decided each week, we would mark on a calender what foods we would make together, new recipes we hadn’t tried before.  Of course, children of mine came back with all desserts, so we changed it up a bit- one dessert and one other for each kid per week.  We will be doing so week by week.

It has been fun so far.  Good for giving me ideas on quick, healthy, and kid friendly things I can put together, and great for teaching my children the basics of the kitchen.  The husband and I both have a goal that we would love to see our children leave our home with some real cooking skills.  We believe it will benefit their health, their self-sufficiency, their finances, maybe even their social life (Brad didn’t have to try too hard, but his cooking definitely helped win me over!).

I decided to incorporate this as a series on the blog: The Cooking with Kids Series, where I will share one or two of the recipes we did the week before.  Last week, with a lot going on for Valentine’s, I wasn’t too quick with the camera while we did it, so I’m sharing the simplest recipe we did (and the only one I took any pictures of!).  However, it is a super one to add to your little recipe book in your brain, because it is super quick, healthy, and my kids went gaga for it.  It’s kind of a no-brainer, but one I hadn’t done yet, so maybe it will benefit someone else as well.


This one we adapted from Williams-Sonoma The Kid’s Cookbook: A great book for kids who love to cook:

Fruity Breakfast Shake:

1 cup vanilla yogurt (I used Greek, organic)

1 cup strawberries, or peaches, or blueberries (Since it’s winter, we did frozen and left them about half frozen, blueberries leave completely frozen).

1 Tbsp. honey (Blueberries will not need this sweetness, but it can be added if desired anyway).

A handfull of ice if using fresh fruit.

Put ingredients into a blender and blend well.  We have a stick blender and use it daily- I highly recommend one. We used that for this (so clean up is about ten seconds!).

Pour into cups and enjoy!

I know, kind of a duh! recipe, but the kids loved it, it was a great way to get some different fruit in at breakfast in the middle of Winter, and since we did strawberries, it was a perfect Valentine’s week treat.IMG_6971-editMy daughter was so inspired, she spent the morning “baking cake” from the recipe book!


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