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Adventure Advent Calendar: December Starts Tomorrow – Part One

We love adventures in our household. They have moved to the tamer side as we’ve welcomed yet another little one in, but we keep doing our best to drink in what we can of the adventures each season has to offer. Time can speed by with 3 little ones, and last year the Holidays skated past us so fast, we felt like we didn’t do at least half of our favorite December traditions.
To remedy this, I decided to create an Adventure Advent Calendar leading up to Christmas. Some of our adventures are pretty low-key (drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, watch a Christmas movie), some will truly be adventurous for us with the baby, etc. in tow (visit Leavenworth – a Bavarian tourist town in mid-Washington that becomes a snowy white Christmas wonderland this time of year). With a little calendar of fun things to do, we hope to create an annual tradition to keep up with our traditions!


Been a bit obsessed about PicMonkey lately- which is where I created these Adventure cards.  As a very busy mom, I never have as much time as I would like to edit pictures and design, but with this site, I can get a lot more done! I know I sound like an ad – but I’m  just a girl with a new toy.

This post is part one because I am very close to finishing the calendar part (I’m on an obvious deadline!), and will post that tomorrow.

Update: Ok, I will never promise a blog post the next day again! I never even got around to taking pictures, much less posting any of the calander- between having fun with our advent calendar, sickness, regular holiday fun craziness, family in town, etc. etc. etc, blogging was the last thing on my mind. Now I know exactly what to post at the end of NEXT November!



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