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Babies Galore! – 5 Fantastic Finds on Etsy

I don’t know if it’s something about spring, but it seems like I know quite a few people expecting (including me 🙂 ). Friends and even some family are expecting and with all the babies joining the world, I find myself even more appreciative of all the gorgeous handmade items out there to welcome these new bundles. There’s nothing like a new baby to motivate one to make or find the perfect treasure that will be not only precious in the moment, but a perfect keepsake for down the road.

There is nothing like Etsy for finding fabulous and darling handmade treasures and here are a five I’m loving (and coveting) right now:


Blue White Pink Striped Baby Leg Warmers
from PoshPipsqueak… $7.95 USD


Boutique Diaper Wipe Clutch

from ALittleBlush…$20.00 USD


Ivory petti lace romper and headband SET
from ThinkPinkBows… $24.90 USD


Hand Embroidery Hoop Art.

from mirrymirry…  $28.00 USD


white butterfly paper garland

from dragonflies… $10.00 USD


Baby Boots, Gray Pinstripe – The Taylor

from BootsbyBecca… $29.00 USD


Ok, I just couldn’t stop at 5!!! There are so many adorable baby finds on Etsy, and this is only a tiny tip of the iceberg, so if you find yourself or a loved one with a little one on the way (or already here, for that matter!), check out these or other awesome finds on Etsy.  And of course I have to give my own shop a plug, where we have quite a few items for new little ones I tend to think are pretty cute!  Check us out at PeachtreePark on Etsy!


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Thank heavens for Australia!


I should be saying thank heavens for Calico & Ivy, an online fabric store in Australia, or thank heavens for the internet.

I love this pillow- even more now since we just spent a week at the beach, digging, making sand castles, and lots of kite flying.


When I got home, and back to reality,  I realized I should check for more fabric online, since I have only one more pillows worth left of it. I am finally learning to crawl out of my naive cocoon as to how fast fabric can disappear from the face of the earth if you’re not careful (My mother used to hoard bins and bins of fabric that never got used, and I’m trying to steer clear of that!).  But,this exact fabric was nowhere to be found, not even on Liberty of London’s site (it’s there, just out of stock- maybe mom knew something after all).  I was pretty dejected for a couple days, because this design was born out of this gorgeous fabric, and having a little girl, and one on the way, it tugs at my little heart strings, and though I could find it in other colors, none spoke to me like this one.  I couldn’t bare to list it on our Etsy shop (, like I had been planning, because I figured I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on any more fabric, and wasn’t ready to part with this one yet.


However, thanks to the global network of the internet (thank you technology- maybe that’s what I should be saying), I finally found this fabric half way across the world.  Again, thank you Calico & Ivy for being Liberty lovers!!  Their shop has gorgeous fabrics, etc. so if you are as in love with beautiful (and apparently hard to find) fabric as I am, they are a great destination.

So, now back from a beautiful vacation, refreshed, restocked!, I’m ready to finally start up this blog about our life as the creative team of Peachtree Park.  I think I have a lot to learn!

Mom Made That!

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